Christmas Whoop Ass

Christmas Whoop Ass 1.0

Playing as Elf, it's your job to take down psycho santa Stanley
1.0.1 (See all)

Playing as Elf, it's your job to take down psycho Santa Stanley, after having huge amounts of fun winding him up of course), in the best way possible, with your fists! The game therefore comprises a number of bare fist, no holds barred rounds against the not so Jolly Father Christmas Stanley. As in Esp Whoop ass, you'll need to block punches from the left, right or center with the left or right control keys or spacebar, then respond with your own punch,making certain it's coming from a different direction than the blow just aimed at you.

The game progresses over a number of rounds until you knuckle under, after which you'll be looking for your two front teeth for christmas, ---- though hopefully you'll have wracked up a high enough score.

A large amount of hilarious audio taunts and replies from both Elf and Santa Stanley (quite a few more than in the original Esp WhoopAss), give this simple arcade style game a rather fun little twist.

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